I dunno, do models make good popstars? Or singers? Or anything aside from models? No, that's rude of me to say, I'm sorry. It's just surprising to see a model doing anything other than modelling really. Same way as it's weird to see Bono basically on the fucking board of advisors for Apple, it's gonna be odd to see Cara Delevingne being an actual singer. At first anyway. Wow, sorry to sound so incredulous, it's not that mad really.

Yes, this is the news that the British model will be or has been working with Pharrell, who recently produced an entire album for Snoop Dogg, on what will be her debut single. I guess she mentioned somewhere that she could sing. Allegedly it will drop without warning.

FYI: Anyone can sing – people are just too often told to shutup, or that they're bad at it, before they've even had a chance to explore their own vocal chords. FOR SHAME. Good luck Cara! (also, Delevingne: fun name to read and say, annoying to type.)

That said… here's Naomi Cambell with 'Love and Tears'…