Dan Snaith, who most of us know as Caribou has announced plans to release an album under a different moniker. Jiaolong will be the first LP under the name Daphni and is due out on the 16th of October. It should be noted that this does not signal the retirement of Caribou as a project so entirely why this new name is required is completely unclear.

Snaith has said of the project: "During the time I was making the Caribou album Swim, I’d fallen back in love with moments in small, dark clubs when a DJ puts on a piece of music that not only can you not identify, but that until you heard it you could not have conceived of existing." Additionally he stated that "there's some magic in it still. The clichés about the collective consciousness of clubs still seems to hold water in some special cases. There is a small world where dance music lives up to its potential to liberate, surprise, and innovate. It's there that I hope Daphni has a place."

The tracklisting for the album is as follows:

  • 1. Yes, I Know
  • 2. Cos-Ber-Zam – Ne Noya (Daphni Mix)
  • 3. Ye Ye
  • 4. Light
  • 5. Pairs
  • 6. Ahora
  • 7. Jiao
  • 8. Springs
  • 9. Long