Here's a treat for you: nearly two hours of music curated and mixed by Dan Snaith, you know, the person who is better known as Caribou (who very recently released new album Our Love) and also, for his more dancefloor-destined offerings, as Daphni.

Anyway, at the weekend (Saturday, 4am) he was in for the Pete-Tong-hosted BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix, sharing a bunch of tracks that seem to convey the same spirit: glistening at the cusp of the dancefloor, or maybe sitting on a chair in the middle of the floor, or perhaps just watching other people dance. Versatile, basically.

This included a bunch of exclusive white label (as-yet-unreleased) tracks, new stuff from his friends Les Sins (2 tracks: 'Past' and 'Call'), Joy Orbison (featuring Boddika), from the man himself in the form of Daphni ('Carry On', 'Tin', and a couple of edits, including one of a song by Crash Course In Science called 'Jump Over Barrels'), and a super funky edit of 'Funky Nassau' by Beginning of the End courtesy of KH (who is that), amongst others.

Intermingled with existing tracks from Caribou, Daft Punk, Armand van Helden Marvin Gaye, James Brown, The Zombies, Lil Wayne, this is a syncretically sparkling mix of old and new. I'd say "eclectic" but it makes me shudder and it's dumb and way too easy. Speaking of his lovely mix, Mr Snaith said:

Right now is an exciting time for me, with a new album about to come out and a world tour about to kick off. But it also means I'll be taking a break from all the DJing I've been doing as Daphni over the last few years. So this mix incorporates some of the music I've been playing in my DJ sets over the last little while and also some of the music I've been making.

"It was a lot of fun to record," he added. "I hope you enjoy it!"

So go on, make yourself a hot beverage and do whatever you need to do today but with some lovingly mixed, expertly selected tracks in your ears.

Listen to Caribou in for BBC Radio 1's Essential Mix here.

Also, if you haven't already, go stream Caribou's new album, Our Love.