American experimental artist Carla Bozulich is something of a stalwart in various underground music scenes, which gives her access to many different collaborators - especially as she is fearless in terms of trying new sounds. She will be releasing her new album Quieter on May 11th, and today gives us a glimpse of what's in store with new single 'Sha Sha'.

Bozulich has teamed up with The Night Porter for 'Sha Sha', a quartet featuring Bozulich herself alongside Ches Smith (drums, vibes), Jessica Catron (cello), and Shahzad Ismaily (bass). Bozulich describes them as being "thick as thieves," and you can hear that in the creeping, careful but seductive slow burn of 'Sha Sha'. They seem to be smiling wickedly to each other as they construct dark and brooding sounds that compel listeners nearer to their enshrouded world. Listen below.

'Sha Sha' follows up other recent singles 'Glass House' (with Freddy Ruppert) and 'Let It Roll' (with Jhno & Andrea Belfi), which will all feature on Quiter, due out May 11th on Constellation.