London-based musical polymath Carla dal Forno has unveiled plans for her next album: it's called Look Up Sharp and is due October 4th on her own Kallista Records. Along with the announcement she's shared the superb new track 'Took a Long Time'.

She tells us “'Took A Long Time' is about meeting someone you like and not being able to tell yet if they like you too... You wonder if you’re reading the signs or just misinterpreting what’s going on. At that moment you feel super excited and really anxious. It might seem trivial, but It’s also as if this is the most important moment of your life."

'Took A Long Time' is supported by the thick beam of a bass, forming a core around which musical images and anxieties can shift. Time seems to slow down in Carla dal Forno's world, maybe reliving a point of contact - physical or emotional - between her and her desired someone. She shivers, she wonders, her voice cuts clear across the glistening space, yearning for more. But life creeps on unheedingly, 'Took a Long Time' pushing past this intense point, drifting out into an imagined future.

Carla dal Forno's new album Look Up Sharp is out October 4th on Kallista Records. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

She's got these live dates ahead (tickets).

10/08 - Moscow, RU - Fields Festival
22/09 - The Hague, NL - Today's Art
22/10 - Copenhagen, DK - Alice
23/10 - Gothenburg, SE - FOLK
24/10 - Stockholm, SE - Fasching
25/10 - Bergen, NO - EKKO Festival
12/11 - London, UK - Electrowerkz
13/11 - Manchester, UK - YES
14/11 - Bristol, UK - The Exchange
15/11 - Leeds, UK - Headrow House
16/11 - Glasgow, UK - The Glad Cafe
21/11 - Amsterdam, NL - OT301
22/11 - Brussels, BE - Le Botanique