Former Chairlift singer Caroline Polachek has been delighting us recently with a stream of solo singles, and plans for an album being teased. She has now revealed that her debut solo album Pang will be coming out on October 18th.

While she's been teasing us with the constant drip of new songs, in her new track 'So Hot You're Hurting My Feelings' it's Polachek who's the victim of tortuous temptation. Doing pretty much what the title suggests, 'So Hot You're HGurting My Feelings' is a delightfully bright and earworm-y pop song, giving Polachek plenty of opportunity to show off her voice and bodily feelings. It's hard to believe that someone as cool as Polachek could be so sprung, but that's exactly what we have here, and when she sings "I get a little lonely/ get a little more close to me/ you're the only one who knows me babe," we feel the desire tripping off the end of her tongue with each word.

Caroline Polachek's album Pang is out October 18th.