Caroline Polachek recently released her first ever track under her own name in 'Door', and today she follows it up with two more new tracks 'Parachute' and 'Ocean of Tears'. She has also revealed that her debut solo album is called Pang and will come out in the Autumn on Columbia; she has said that 'Parachute' was the first song written for the record while 'Ocean of Tears' was the last.

'Parachute' was originally inspired by a dream in which Polachek experienced her own death, which she took into the studio with producer Danny L Harle. She says: "It was an incredible moment, realizing that this melody we'd written was unintentionally re-telling a dream I'd been shaken by. I went home, re-drafted the words to fit, and came back to the studio at 1am to record the vocal the same day. And that's the take we kept. From that moment on, Dan and I knew we had a lot more work to do together." Appropriately, 'Parachute' is a very minimal track, focused around Polachek's crystalline and stunning vocal, with perfectly poised strands of electronics sprouting up all around.

On the other side is 'Ocean of Tears', a more booming pop song that still possesses Polachek's natural ability to cut right to the heart of a tense situation. "‘Ocean Of Tears’ is dedicated to the sharp pain of being in love with someone far away, and the maddening doubt that comes with it," she's revealed.

Check out both tracks below in their lyric videos.

Polachek is yet to reveal the precise release date for Pang, but we'll be sure to keep you informed when we know more.