Following a rather brief reunion with her former band colleagues during a Pearl Jam concert back in December, Carrie Brownstein has addressed the possibility of Sleater-Kinney returning - which seems doable considering the uncertain future of Wild Flag.

"This is something I was actually talking about with Tavi Gevinson who does Rookie Mag," she told Stereogum, hinting at a possible reunion.

"I'm such a fan of hers and her writing, and we were having coffee in Portland and we were just talking about how when something is very tied to a certain time in your life -- it's sometimes hard to reenter that at a different age or with a different perspective. So, it's like finding a way into the container that is Sleater-Kinney, finding a way of entering that with something that isn't necessarily as urgent as it was for me when I was 22. What I appreciate about Sleater-Kinney is that we did six records and they all felt different. It was a band that was able to encapsulate different sensibilities because we were focusing on it as music and art and not as a statement. That was something other people ascribed to it more than we did. So I would be curious. I think we have more to say. I think we ended at a time when it wasn't tapering off, actually. I would be curious to know what the rest of the story is with that band."

Regarding Wild Flag, Brownstein admits to not having any immediate plans: "It makes sense to me right now that Wild Flag isn't going to do anything in the near future, and I'm pretty happy with the record we put out. But I never really thought of it as something that was going to have a really monolithic identity or one that is very fixed. We did it and it was fun and it was good for me to do something that was different from Sleater-Kinney and to play with Mary Timony, she's such a great guitar player."

Watch Sleater-Kinney perform 'Jumpers' live on Letterman:

Source: CoS