Casablanca - if you haven't heard already - are not the next angsty bunch of scruffy hooligans making slacker pop jams in their bedrooms. In fact, they're the complete opposite: one watch of the video for their new single 'Yes' reveals that actually, they're a band of merry gentlemen making some fine twangly guitar pop for the refined and polished men amongst us who just can't resist the sweetness of Bombay Bicycle Club.

Of course, hailing from the same school as bands like Theme Park and Friendly Fires almost destines them for success (I'd love to know what they put in the water at that place) but rightfully so, too. 'Natalie' is a radio-friendly jam that actually deserves to be heard, crooning and swooning as it sways in it's own gentle riffs; making sure it implants itself so firmly in your head that you won't be able to resist just one more listen.

You can catch the band live at their free single launch party on this Tuesday 18th September at The Old Blue Last, one day after you're able to grab a copy via the newly formed Party Politics label right here.