Cass McCombs' new album Tip of the Sphere comes out February 8th through Anti-, and having already been treated to the glorious 'Sleeping Volcanoes' he returns today with another track that melds natural beauty with rich romance, 'Estrella'.

Galavanting forward on a bounding bassline, Cass weaves a tale of love and wonderment in the wilderness, casting himself as a head-over-heels suitor (who has been reincarnated and "resembles nothing of the former man"), expressing his devotion to a gorgeous being, 'Estrella'. In his new form he is completely at peace with the natural beauty around him, and in his elation he seems to melt into the Earth and the sky. The song wends its way through its runtime like a gently curving stream, upon whose banks you might glimpse McCombs sitting and crooning to the titular 'Estrella', completely bewitched by her brilliance, while being himself utterly captivating in his performance.

Check out the studio version of 'Estrella' below, and beneath check out a couple of clips from his recent Take Away Show for La Blogotheque of both 'Estrella' and 'Sleeping Volcanoes'.

Cass McCombs' new album Tip of the Sphere comes out through ANTI- on February 8th (pre-order here).