Now in its third year, Cassette Store Day has announced the first string of its releases, including new material from The Maccabees.

Originally founded by trio of labels Suplex Cassettes, Kissability, and Sexbeat, the event was joined by beloved garage DIY imprint Burger Records in 2014. And now, the event is spanning even more globally, recruiting the efforts of Rice is Nice in Australia, Arch Hill in New Zealand, and Mansions and Millions and Späti Palace in Germany, according to event organizers.

Kissability co-founder Jen Long notes, "Cassette tapes aren’t just a format, they’re a culture, and cassette culture is as much about collaboration as doing it yourself. This year we’ve gone even further to try and include as many tape fans around the world. We want as many people as possible to be able to get involved and put out a tape, put on a gig or event, or get hold of that release they really want."

In addition, the event will allow labels to sell their releases on the exact day of the event - October 17th - rather than the usual week after. "While we still want as many stores as possible involved, we felt there was too much burden on understaffed shops to order from the release list and smaller labels were being left out," Long continued. "We also felt that fans in more remote areas were excluded from the celebrations if they didn’t have a store near them. Hopefully this way we can include everyone for the best Cassette Store Day yet."

Applications for events, labels, and shops to become part of the event are still open until September 1st and can be found on the main CSD site. Stores and events can be listed freely, but there will be a minimal £5 to promote musical releases.

Head over the Cassette Store Day site to see the full initial list of releases and stay up to date on the upcoming event.