I have a lot to thank Cassius for. Back in 1999 they released 'Cassius 1999', a track that I fell in love with. I remember waiting for my weekly fix of the video on ITV's The Chart Show. Who were this French band? All I knew of European dance music was Whigfield and The Macarena. I couldn't imagine anybody having a ready made dance to this exciting sound that was coming from my television. I had to investigate. This investigation has become one of the most important times of my musical upbringing. I discovered French house music. And with it Daft Punk. 12 years later and Daft Punk are still my favourite band. Cassius, I thank you.

Back to the present time though, and Cassius' recent signing to the label that surely they were made to represent, Ed Banger. This is their first single release on the label and comes from last year's The Rawcers EP. The oh so modernly entitled 'I <3 U SO' is the sort of track that is tricky to pull off. It has got one of those annoying chipmunk type voices that usually grate on me so much. Cassius follow Hot Chip in somehow managing to keep the song listenable, despite this heinous crime. It is thanks to the overall quality, that comes from a pedigree of producing albums for the likes of Phoenix and Cut Copy, that I was happy to listen to it more than once on the spin in order to give it a fair review and not reach for the nearest paid of pliers and tear my ears off. In fact, once you get past the chipmunk thing, the track is seeped in niceness. You want comparisons? I'll give you a comparison. This would fall somewhere between Discovery and Human After All in a Daft Punk back catalogue. A bit too close to the former for my liking, but not far enough away from the latter to put me off.

The remix that has been getting Radio One in a frenzy is (deep breath) 'Skream's Made Zdar Feel Like He Was 20 Again Remix'. This starts out, frankly, like a train wreck. He's made the background voice even more annoying and doesn't seem to have bothered doing much with the rest of the sound except for make it sound worse. The suddenly we get one minute and 18 seconds in. Wow. I can see why he's make Philippe Zdar feel like he's 20 again. I am thrown right back into the mid nineties. I'm talking pre-Cassius here. This is early Prodigy. This is happy hardcore. This is Helter Skelter. This is Dj Slipmatt. There's even a bit of jungle thrown in there for good measure. Skream takes you on a tour of nineties dance music in less than five minutes and you come out of it with a whistle in your mouth, an acid face on your t-shirt and thoroughly exhausted.

For longevity I'm going to prefer the original mix. While by no means a classic, it manages to stay the right side of credible while having the cross-over potential that Cassius so nearly achieved at the turn of the century. For nostalgia and pure energy though, Skream has done well. Very well.

And here ends what is probably the longest review for a single I have ever written.