If you love your cats, you've probably wondered why it's not socially acceptable to take them anywhere. Dog lovers can bring their beloved pooches to the pub, walk them in the park or carry them in handbags around town (if they fit in a handbag), but try and do the same with a sweet little pussy cat and eyebrows are raised. Fingers are pointed. Children laugh behind your back.

Thank goodness then for the common sense and entrepreneurial spirit of Lauren Pears who has just gotten approval from Tower Hamlets council to open Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium - London's first Cat Cafe.

Based on Bethnal Green Road in Shoreditch, the cafe will have in-house cats that customers will be able to stroke and play with as they sip their tea or enjoy some light reading. The plans show that the cafe will be made of three parts: a cat area; an area where humans can mix with the cats and another where food and drink will be served and prepared.

The cats will be adopted from a local animal rescue charity.

Please be aware that not one cat pun was used in the making of this article.

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