Is there a new word for “art pop” yet? Since that Gaga record, it feels wrong to use it to label some of today’s most eccentric artists. Those unfamiliar with Maya Spectra should know immediately that their brand of pop explores some dark alleys of experimental production. Guitars and percussion are integral to their sound, but the real intrigue surrounds those instruments. Listen to their new single, ‘Cerulean Eyes’, below.

Fans of the Bay area’s Bells Atlas will be familiar with Maya Spectra’s seemingly discordant melodies. The Phoenix trio weaves threads of noise and murmurs behind a thick bassline; it comes together for a mesmeric experience. The thought of an eye color so bold creates an image of love in the sunshine, but the overall feeling of ‘Cerulean Eyes’ does not quite fit. There’s a good explanation for it, according to the band: “Imagine writing a love song about your significant other and getting dumped by said significant other in the middle of the writing process. That’s how we got ‘Cerulean Eyes’.”

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