I always just say Jools Holland, but of course the show is called Later… with Jools Holland. But anyway, good ol' Jools Holland. It's like… one of the best showcases you can get as an artist on the cusp of actual global fame. People love it.

Last night a host of musicians again took to their various stages, including quite famous Bryan Ferry and Paul Rodgers, as well as Fuse ODG, which was a surprise.

But we'd like to highlight the sometimes hauntingly off-beat but ultimately feel-good jam of 'Younger' by Seinabo Sey, Laura Doggett's piano serenade in the form of 'Moonshine', and 'Red Eyes', a lightly psych-friendly breezy galloper from The War On Drugs. Check out them and their songs below.

Or if you literally just watched this or something, check out last week's Later.