Cate Le Bon recently took her 2013 album Mug Museum to the U.S. for a series of dates with indie legends Franz Ferdinand. We wanted to go with her but she wasn't allowed extra luggage, so she promised The 405 a photo diary instead.

Her new single 'Sisters' is out now.

  • Day 1: Traveling the 10000000miles from LA to Denver. Pee and pray stop.

  • Day 2: Gothic Theatre Parking Lot post 1st gig of the tour.

  • SEATTLE DRESSING ROOM: The best after show visitations from Paul Thomson.

  • Dairy Queen and his minions in Seattle's EMP Museum.

  • En Route to Vancouver in our personalized skip. Practicing looking wholesome for the border crossing.

  • The Hawkline Monster stretching his legs eleven.

  • Rehearsing Blondie's 'Call Me' with Franz Ferdinand in the magnificent Fox Theater, Oakland, CA

  • Backstage in Oakland post Blondie cover.

  • Cosy hotel hang.

  • The final hurrah.

  • The end of a wonderful tour, curbside, Los Angeles.