Cattle & Cane have come a long way in a short space of time. A little over a year ago the band formed as a brother and sister duo with John Hammill on guitar and lead vocals and sister Helen on lead vocals and keys. Since then the band has expanded to included another brother Frank on bass and Paul Wilson on drums. The band have had a huge impact on the local music scene on Teeside, seemingly going from virtual unknowns to playing the BBC introducing stage at T in the Park. To think that they have achieved all this within such a short space of time reflects highly on them.

Sold My Soul is a taster for the band and a good introduction to a broad range of their work. Their sound falls somewhere between Indie and Folk, and they have a clear talent for writing epic tracks, ranging from quietly hushed heartfelt efforts to all out foot stompers that assault the ears. Their debut EP is filled with perfect soaring harmonies, beautifully combined male and female vocals, and is smoothly produced. The full band sound certainly packs a punch alongside their excellent musical talent and lyrics.

Debut single and title track ‘Sold my Soul’ is a solid track, its beautiful lyrics complemented with a big chorus sound blasting out from its hushed verses. ‘Belle’ is a moodier track, much quieter, it again features their strong lyrics. It builds into a beautiful chorus with its layers of female and male vocals. It’s real life-affirming stuff. ‘Falling Over You’ takes a complete change of pace, it is more indie and less folky than the rest of the work on offer, though there is a nice violin instrumental in the middle. This track features different aspects of the band and their range, they seem to have an ability to write and record great tracks, each different from the last, setting them apart from a slew of generic indie bands. The EP ends on a quieter note with ‘We Stand’ with its hushed harmonies and delicately plucked guitars.

Sold my Soul reflects all sides of Cattle & Cane’s talents, each song is different and highlights the diversity of their work. To have achieved all they have within a year of forming is extremely promising for them and their future. They sound like a band that has been together for years, their sounds are lush, lyrics are smart and melodies are soaring. They are definitely one to watch out for in the future.