Cavern Of Anti-Matter is the analogue-synth based project of known synth-head and alt-pop stalwart Tim Gane, formerly of Stereolab. Their 2016 album void beats/invocation trex was one of the year's leftfield highlights, displaying a group with the ability to bring vivid lyricism to their vintage instruments. They'll be following up that album with their next aural voyage Hormone Lemonade on March 23rd.

Today sees the release of 'Phase Modulation Shuffle', a glowing orb of a song that, true to its title, shuffles along with an antigravitational grace. Rather than being a song to sit down and admire, 'Phase Modulation Shuffle' suggests a new dance craze created by an alien humanoid race. Imagining it being played out on a neon-lit dancefloor on a planet many galaxies away, but not too dissimilar from our own, 'Phase Modulation Shuffle' makes perfect sense. It sounds like it's been beamed across space as a vision of how bold and bright music can be.

Asked for some words about 'Phase Modulation Shuffle', Tim Gane offered this, which I'd like to present as a poem:

a few words about phase modulation shuffle

100 meter dash on a geiger counter stopwatch.
a bouncy castle in a solar wind.
morse code rock.
dead stringz on a midi banjo.
a dollop of skew-whiff pop.

Listen to 'Phase Modulation Shuffle' below.

Cavern Of Anti-Matter's Hormone Lemonade comes out through their Duophonic label on March 23rd. Pre-order it here.