Cavern of Anti-Matter move under the microscope in their enthralling video for 'liquid gate,' where vibrant rainbow-infused microscopic cells dance to the sound of the eclectic band's brand of indie electronic energy, which features vocals from Deerhunter's Bradford Cox.

The Berlin-based band are readying their forthcoming album, Void Beats / Invocation Trex which is set for delivery on February 19. The album is an epic 72 minute journey featuring guest vocals from Bradford Cox (Deerhunter), Sonic Boom (Spacemen 3), and sound processing from Jan St. Werner (Mouse On Mars). It was preceded by limited edition vinyl releases on Grautag, Deep Distance, Peripheral Conserve and Associated Electronic Recordings.

"Cavern Of Anti-Matter are spectrum addicts, setting up tiny rhythmic cells and expanding on them in certain ways, splitting the melody and stretching out. The melodic movement is much slower due to the lack of words. At the moment, the Cavern sound is more what I want to do," says Tim Gane. Find the album's tracklist below.

  • CD and DL Tracklist:
  • 01. tardis cymbals
  • 02. blowing my nose under close observation
  • 03. insect fear
  • 04. melody in high feedback tones
  • 05. hi-hats bring the hiss
  • 06. liquid gate (featuring Bradford Cox)
  • 07. pantechnicon
  • 08. black glass actions (featuring Jan St. Werner)
  • 09. planetary folklore (featuring Sonic Boom)
  • 10. echolalia
  • 11. void beat
  • 12. zone null