The brothers in breezy alt-pop band Cayucas are releasing their follow-up to 2013's Bigfoot this summer via Secretly Canadian. Dancing at the Blue Lagoon is out on 22 June and if it's anything like lead single 'Moony Eyed Walrus', it'll be chock full of wind-swept and sun-drenched tracks that sound like they were plucked straight out of the heart of Southern California. If you dig what you hear, make sure you check them out when they cross the pond and play at Sebright Arms in London on 14 September!

  • Tour Dates:
  • 1. Big Winter Jacket
  • 2. Moony Eyed Walrus
  • 3. Hella
  • 4. Champion
  • 5. Ditches
  • 6. Dancing at the Blue Lagoon
  • 7. Backstroke
  • 8. A Shadow in the Dark
  • 9. Blue Lagoon (Theme Song)

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