CC Honeymoon has released a deeply unsettling and altogether fascinating new single ‘Make It Right’. Beginning with an outright wailing for his love, he is pleading with an unknown conversation partner before arriving on the crushing conclusion that “it’s over now.” Ominous rumbling bass lines and haunting keys come to comfort in a manner reminiscent of Perfume Genius. CC, real name Asher Preston has found an unusual way to combine gut-wrenching emotion and romance with absolute darkness.

After spending years playing in various bands and a whole variety of setups, Asher has created an alter-ego within CC Honeymoon as a real statement of intent for his unique brand of bedroom noir-R&B. Speaking on this track and his new direction, Preston commented “I wrote and recorded this song in my bedroom over the winter, whilst I went through a period of being a bit of a hermit not wanting to go out or socialise, I was quite “in my own head” during this time and think that spills into this track. 

I wanted to write a song about how I think everyone internalises their emotions a lot when they're in a relationship, obsessing over how the other person feels, are they keen on me, do they love me? Do they have doubts? Are they cheating? Constantly second guessing the partner due to our own insecurities. When in reality everything could be fine and they’re happy, it could just be you that has the problem.”

It’s an intriguing release that grows with each listen as you work past complexities and appreciate the emotional undercurrent similar to introspective artists such as EMA and How to Dress Well.