It wasn't a story we ever enjoyed reporting because we like Cee Lo Green, but accusations of sexual battery against him were so shocking what else can you do but change the way you feel about him?

It seems that now almost a year after the allegations were made against him, the LA District Attorney has rejected the case outright, controversially pointing towards a long history of romantic entanglement before the actual fact.

The original accusations came from a woman who claimed Cee Lo had spiked her drink with ecstacy, causing her to fall unconscious and later wake up in his bed.

As serious as these allegations are, the case has been thrown out citing a lack of evidence and conflicting facts. The one piece of evidence thought to drop Cee Lo in it was found to simply be a recording of him speaking about drug use, with no mention of the matter at hand.

The performer still faces charges of furnishing ecstasy due to evidence proving both parties were udner the influence of the drug, however it's expected that he will only serve a probational sentence. [via]