Topping off 2014, with countless inundating lists that are very much worth the time, are a slew of sugary mixes rounding out the best of the year. The newest in the bunch comes from Scottish producer Lockah, whom also had a rousing 2014 with his full-length debut Yahoo Or The Highway, via Donkey Pitch.

"Thanks to everyone who showed me support in 2014! To show my appreciation and round off the year, I wanted to share some of the DJ edits previously only passed around friends and fam," he says. "Shout out to Joe Melhuish for the magnificent artwork."

The apropo-titled Most Thought-Provoking Bootys 2014 features the likes of Oneohtrix Point Never, Girl Unit, FaltyDL, and plenty more. Stream it below or head over to Mediafire for a full download, and grab Yahoo Or The Highway today.