Memory is a funny thing. Certain songs, movies, or television shows can instantly transport you back to a ccertain point in time - good or bad - at the drop of a hat, and for Turid Alida of Norwegian duo Philco Fiction, it isn't media, but rather the weather. She explains:

June 17 2012 - Bad weather. Preaching ‘This is not the summer of 92’ on a piece of paper. I soon find myself watching full length 90s rave parties, drowning in deep house, googling ’THE summer of 92’. Yes, bad weather makes me wanna go back in time. And the early 90s is where I wanna go. To me, it's bright, big and beautiful. The music, the preachers, the wars, the vibrations, the illusions, the summers were different. I try to remember one single rainy day from my childhood, but I just can't. Summer never cheated on the 90s, I promise. Like I would ever lie about such things as the weather.

That's how the band found inspiration for their brand new song 'June 17', which is appropriately being released today, on June 17. A sparkling dream-pop track with angelic choruses and beautiful, layered instrumentals, it's almost like it could lift you into the heavens itself with its wind-swept sound. Stream 'June 17' below!

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