You've got your usual ticket buying plan in place. You're already logged in to whatever ticket buying site you're going to use, your credit card is already my your keyboard so you can quickly type it in, you have how many tickets you need to get and which to get running through your head like an actor learning their lines, and your mates in speed dial to tell them the good/bad news. The clock clicks over to the ticket release time. Refresh. You've never typed your details into anything as fast before. Finally, success. Around $375 per three day pass later (and whatever it costs for travel), and you and your mates are off to the scorching Coachella Valley. Things, unsurprisingly, are a lot easier if you're famous. In fact, you can get paid to go!

According to Confidenti@l, the likes of Vanessa Hudgens and Lea Michelle are not only going to the Coachella music festival for absolutely nothing but are having the privilege of being paid to schlep it with the common folk. Michelle is reported to earn $20,000 just from appearing at the festival in Lacoste clothing, whilst Hudgens is being paid $15,000 by McDonalds, presumably wearing a big Mayor McCheese costume for the festival before passing out due to heat exhaustion. Aaron Paul is still trying to make a deal, looking for about $15,000 and a few VIP passes, whilst Joe Jonas is looking for $20,000 (yeah, you read that right. To be fair, he is the only Jonas Brother anyone can remember by name...)

While you and your mates took out mortgages to afford the chance to visit California to get a really good tan, be avoided by fashion photographers because they saw someone wearing a flower crown and (I assume) that's totally in right now, and see the likes of Outkast, Arcade Fire, and Beck, celebrities are getting paid for the opportunity to go; they're doing all those things you're doing but calling it work and it hasn't cost them anything. Basically, just get famous for anything (no, literally anything should work as long as the media loves you) and you're sorted for all future festivals!

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