CEO (Ex-Tough Alliance member and Sincerely Yours label owner Eric Berglund) has unveiled the first single from his forthcoming second album, Wonderland.

In keeping with CEO's first album, White Magic, 'Whorehouse' seeks to merge a variety of pop influences with his experimental style, despite the distinctly sinister title.

Issuing a statement about the album, CEO said: "If this don't make you hate me and love yourself, then hate us both, then love me and hate yourself and then the other way around and then the other way again and again until your head spins so much you feel like hopping between neon glowing islands on a quad bike while being attacked by whirlwinds of shurikens…"

Due for release on Modular People the single will be officially released on 2nd of December, with Wonderland following on 3rd of February 2014.

Stream 'Whorehouse' below, along with the album trailer.