We'd never wish bad fortune on a newlywed couple. Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger found each other through what must have been their shared interest in the Worst Music Ever and that's great. Was it too much to ask for them to ride off into the sunset in a Nightmare Before Christmas-decorated Mustang and never bother us again though?

Apparently it turns out that yes, that was indeed far too much to ask. Given the current climate of fear, destitution and Krokodil (look it up) - Sony decided that what the human race really needs right now is a duet called 'Let me Go' by two of rock's biggest flannels.

The press for this arrived with a wince. There was no description, no thoughtful message from the artists, just the link to a YouTube stream, like it was fired out of a fart cannon and into our lives without the slightest hint of morality or remorse.

If you want a review, here it is: imagine Chad Kroeger. Go on. Imagine his beard and frosted hair (Frosted! It's 2013 Chad and newsflash, you're not Lance Bass) and his hokey cowboy-rock "hnnngguurrrghhh"s. Now imagine Avril Lavigne. Think about her eye makeup and nasal vocal tone. Now think about both of them together, perhaps listening to Nickelback's 'This Is How You Remind Me' on a Sunday afternoon as they suddenly turn to each other and simultaneously say: "Hey! Why don't *we* make a song together?".

They rush to the piano and hack out a few verses and a basic melody. They record it the same day with big smiles, it gets pressed to CD and two months later fifteen billion people laud it as 'beautiful' because it rhymes "I still remember" with "the pain of December".

Guys. If this is the sort of horror you make for fun when you get together, please don't have a child.