Well, well, well, Chillwave has had a good summer, hasn't it? At least in America it has, Toro Y Moi really took off, yacht parties and rich kids partying to nerdy disco tracks raped senseless by reverb. Personally, I ain't a fan of all that junk, with the possible exception of The Radio Dept and Neon Indian, but to be honest, I'm not sure they count.

Anyway, like everything else I can think of, the Brits do it better than the Americans, as sublimely demonstrated by Chad Valley and his new shiny label Cascine. While most chillwave was about shitty relationships, partying and wearing chinos rolled up around the ankles to show you're not wearing socks with your leather boat shoes; this Chad Valley EP has the beautifully English sense of almost self deprecation. It's not all that cheery, it's bedroom pop that just happened to love the 80's.

A lot of this EP isn't far removed from the new London Dubstep sound (see: Mount Kimbie, James Blake), albeit with a more 80's funk take. A lot of the vocal samples in 'Anything' could have stepped out of a Burial track, and the vocodered voice singing isn't too away from some of the more accessible Blake. The music in the background is somewhat a bigger contrast, there's a wet and heavy funk sound, but rather than making the sort of sun drenched, sunglasses out chillwave that the US make, this belongs to the bedroom as much as the beach party. This is introspective music, someone finding a medium to put feelings and emotions across more than someone thinking about just making music to drink cocktails to.

All in all, it's a good release. Personally, I find it a bit cheesy, but a lot of people will like it. If someone described Wham! to The Cure and told them to recreate it, this is the sort of stuff they'd come up with.