There was a frost this morning, the first of the year, I left the house and walked my normal morning route with only the grass crunching beneath my feet to break the silence. Delighted by the change, the onset of a new season always makes me happy, there's something about how the world spins on regardless that makes me feel like a tiny cog in a big machine. I like the constant reminder that everything you burden yourself with is not everything. I'd forgotten that the moisture in the air collects in your beard and I returned home looking like some sort of shit hipster explorer, or so I was told.

A few hours later and my fingers still feel cold, it's almost like the bones were cold inside the warm pastry of my clunky hands. I'm listening to this song 'Shade' and I don't want to move but I can't help it. My shoulders started it off, taking turns to move forwards and back with the beat, it's like this song was designed for this very moment. Synth player Frode Boris describes it as “an Edgar Allan Poe-esque account of a hypnagogic encounter with a mysterious dark presence, and a portrayal of a young man’s growing isolation” which I totally get and is important to know, but it's less about the lyrics for me, it's more how the band create a sense of urgency without ever really rushing towards anything.

I've sat alone and listened to this song probably seven times in a row thinking about it, deconstructing it, comparing it to other bands - but none of that really matters. What matters about music is how it makes you feel, all the spin and the polish you create afterwards to attract or detract is a waste of time, the honesty of your gut reaction is the truth. I really fucking like this song.

Ok, here are a few facts about the band: Chain Wallet are a three piece from Bergen, Norway. They recorded the song in an old meat factory which "looks like the kind of place where dreams go to die". Matias Tellez, who plays in the incredible band Young Dreams, produced the song. You should listen to their album Between Places if you haven't already.