After debuting the scoring indie pop LP The World Is Too Much For Me, New York's Challenger is prepping its self-released follow-up with Back To Bellevue.

The group, which is mostly the brainchild of producer/singer John Ross, combs together a tantalizing melding of airy dream pop and erratic new wave, evoking soft-hand comparisons to Peter Gabriel. That standard may be a fairly lofty one, but in a more modern sense Ross isn't too far off the trajectory. The LP's recently released single 'How Terrorism Brought Us Back Together' has a much lighter feel than its ominous title might inhibit, full of cheery echo vocals and serene change of pace throughout.

The Back To Bellevue LP, which was recorded in Ross' childhood home in Florida, will debut May 27th. Listen to 'How Terrorism Brought Us Back Together' below.

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