Over the course of 2 EPs thus far released, the Berlin-based Norwegian duo Oda Egjar Starheim and Øystein Monsen, aka Soft as Snow, have already proven themselves impossible to pin down, their slippery analoge experiments garnering comparisons as diverse as The Knife, Cabaret Voltaire and 90s IDM. As they prepare to release their full-length album Deep Wave through Fabric's Houndstooth imprint on April 6th, they only seem to be pushing themselves into further idiosyncratic realms.

Today comes the terrifying and taut ritualistic bounce of 'Pink Rushes'. Here Soft as Snow employ a chunky and granular bass that slithers like a deadly python between their stuttering rhythms. As 'Pink Rushes' courses forwards, Soft as Snow are unafraid to get spooky, with inchoate vocals offering a stark warning to escape, but their hypnotic groove magnetically pulling you deeper down into their aural abyss. 'Pink Rushes' subtly but forcefully drags in more and more layers of carefully crafted analogue sounds, pulling the listener down into a cavernous underground rave of writhing bodies and hot breaths. Coming back to the surface after 'Pink Rushes' is over feels like having a splash of cold water on your face, but it won't get that insistent electronic groove out of your mind, as it beckons you back in for a second dose.

Listen to 'Pink Rushes' below.

If you're curious about how such mystical seeming and unusual music is born, the duo have offered this on their creation process:

“We kept a lot of the first takes. There’s something with that first immediate energy that’s really essential and hard to recreate later on. It’s more important for us that the vocals have the right energy and feeling for the song, than being recorded properly and having to refine the lyrics”, says Oda. “I create the vocals and lyrics while we improvise; words and sentences come to me, but I don’t always understand the meaning behind them until later on. It’s an intense and intimate mental catharsis approach, in order to act out sounds and words.”

“What we seek is more on an unconscious level, connecting through the music and letting it take the form it wants”, adds Øystein. “But we’ve both always been drawn to the idea of pop music, and are interested in how far you can stretch the boundaries, before it becomes something else. For us, this is essentially a pop album.”

That "pop album" Deep Wave comes out on April 6th and can be pre-ordered here. You can follow Soft as Snow on Facebook and Twitter. The duo will also be bringing their live show to a few fortunate cities over the coming months, at the following dates:

11 April - The Waiting Room, London, UK
17 April - Jaeger, Oslo, Norway
19 April - ACUD, Berlin, Germany
20 April - Phonophon, Frankfurt, Germany
25 April - Kinky Star, Kent, Belgium
28 April - Gifgrond, Tilburg, Netherland