Miley Cyrus, host of the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards, received a far share of bizarre criticisms and underhanded praise for her appearances during the Sunday, August 30th event. Among the litany of not-so-kind takes was on her choice of hair styles from Chicago star and 405-favorite Chance The Rapper, who took to Twitter with his opinions.

The direction of his ire, of course, is at Cyrus' use of dreads and a skit during the taping with Snoop Dogg in which Cyrus used the phrase "Mammy" - a term for the cartoonish pre-civil rights era depictions of African Americans. Cyrus has yet to comment on her actions and isn't expected to.

Check out Chance The Rapper and Noname Gypsey's excellent new stand-alone track 'Israel (Sparring)' below.