Since his 2013 breakout there was bountiful anticipation to see what Chicago's Chance The Rapper had in store. Since his excellent pairing album Surf with Donnie Trumpet and The Social Experiment, the 22-year-old rapper seems to be on a workaholic pace, pairing with Lil' B for the Free (Based Freestyles Mixtape), and now fellow Chicago native Noname Gypsy for the stand-alone single 'Israel (Sparring)'.

The heavily allegorical track is a bit of a slow-burner, boasting more biblical references than boastful ones, even though Chance manages to mention the he "float like my jumper wet/sting like a bumble bee/I swing like a lumber jack/go back when I'm up at bat" among references to pharaohs, Moses, and temptation. Noname Gypsy - Fatimah Warner - splits the effort keeping the pace equal between both sets, which ends with both naturally finishing each other's verses and even trading word play (bumble bee's come up twice here).

Listen to 'Israel (Sparring)' below and download the track here.