The UK garage mini documentary Brandy & Coke that aired on Channel 4 was pretty popular, so they decided to team up with Dazed to produce a five-part series that looks at the best of Britain's flourishing underground music scene. They take an in-depth look into the worlds of UK garage, Bristol bass, jungle, hardcore punk, and Balearic music. They pair personal stories with archival footage and each segment runs for half an hour. Each episode looks at the key fashions, players, and (of course) the music of the scenes and what it all meant to British youth culture.

The show, titled Music Nation, will air on Channel 4 next month with a full-length version of garage author and photographer Ewen Spencer's aforementioned Brandy & Coke on 2 April.

The next episode, Berkshire Goes Balaeric, follows the Ibiza-style hedonism in its home countries and Bristol Bass Oddity (clever title, heh) investigates the beginnings of the style of music that would eventually change electronic music all around the world and continues to today. Soap the Stamps is an episode dedicated to the UK's late 80's hardcore punk scene and DIY culture, with the finale, Jungle Fever, peers into the genre's eventual mainstream dominance from its modest beginnings in Hackney.