In the second installment of 'Music Nation' from Channel 4, the series aims to dive deeper into some of the UK's more resounding a curious music scenes emerging in the past several decades.

Following last season's look at the UK garage scene, Bristol's imprint on the music world, and the jungle phenomenon, season two aims to bring a new look at the UK's heady dance scenes. Included of which will be the grime scene in London, Glasgow's famed art-school pop of the '80s, and curious emergence of the Asian rave scene in the '90s.

"This time we've gone bigger, brasher and bolder, tackling more controversies and featuring a more diverse set than ever before," says Dazed's Executive Producer Ravi Amaratunga. The show is a genuine rarity in television that balances authentic and authored filmmaking in a groundbreaking way."

The second in what will be a six part series will begin with director Ewen Spencer's Open Mic. Spencer also directed the UK garage rock episode Brandy & Coke from the first season.

Check out a small preview of what's to come below.