Corby/London based Chapter 24 share with us a diary of their US tour. Aside from their entertaining antics and great photography, the scuzzy-pop four piece successfully prove that touring around America is just as fun as it sound: house party gigs in New Mexico, cake and champagne and Halloween in New Orleans are all as standard.

Chapter 24 have just released a great double A-side ‘Spindle’ and ‘4454’, on Odd Box records.


We started the tour in Boston and played Homegrown Festival. Stayed with the promoters at their huge house where they run an art collective/label called the Whitehaus. Claire fell in love with the cat.

Claire cat Boston

We then got the bus to NY from Boston, stopping off at Arby’s on the way Mark saw the coolest set of wheels…

Mark car boston

Stayed in NY for a week doing a couple of shows at CMJ one at the Public Assembly, Brooklyn and one at Mercury Lounge, NY. And we did a radio show for WFMU.

Public Assembly

Then the real touring began in Philadelphia, we picked up the car and our driver Charlie in New Jersey and headed to Philly.

Car Philly

Philadelphia was great fun, we stayed with the guys from The Homophones who we played with that night. Their house was so homely that we stayed for the next day too. They took us out to party like teenagers…

mel claire Philly

Next we got a last minute show in Charlottesville, Virginia and stayed with some people we had met in Philadelphia. They had some great dogs. We sat out all night in the garden with a fire and some cheap American beers. Shane, our most brilliant host host, made us tea and biscuits in the morning to make us feel at home and slightly human again.

Claire and joe tea charlottesville

We then drove from Charlottesville to Winston-Salem, NC. This was a particularly beautiful drive as all the leaves were changing colour. We loved it. After our show in Winston-Salem we went to the Old Salem Museum and Gardens. We had breakfast at an Irish Pub and you could have Shepherds Pie Nachos. So weird.

Old Salem

After Winston-Salem we headed to Atlanta and stayed with our friends the Carnivores. They had the most beautiful house and loads of room for us. We went for the best vegetarian burrito ever.

Carnivores house carnivores house 2 Veggie burrito

We spent a sunny Halloween in New Orleans.


After New Orleans we headed to Texas to play three shows with Thee Oh Sees and Total Control. First was Dallas, then Austin and finally Houston.

Chapter 24 Austin

Then we made the long drive from Austin to Las Cruces, NM. Ate some really good hot food. And played a house show. We played with a Mexican band who shouted English things at us such as Mr. Bean, Wayne Rooney and Queen. That was great.

New mexico house party

Next was a show in Tuscon, Arizona followed by San Diego. We celebrated Joe’s birthday in San Diego with cake and champagne.

Joe birthday Joe birthday 2

Then we travelled up to Los Angeles to play Punky Reggae Party at La Cita Bar. This show was awesome. This guy is having a great time.

LA show LA 2

After Los Angeles we took the scenic route up to San Francisco all along the coast. This was truly beautiful and made us all want to move to California. We stopped to eat a sandwich and watch the sunset.

California sunset

We played at the Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco. Next up was Portland, which was a huge drive so we did it over two days, stopping off at an awesome motel in Orick and checking out the coastal redwoods. Which were truly amazing, they are the world’s tallest living trees and made us feel tiny.

Orick Motel redwoods

When we got to Portland our friends Fiona (Coasting) and Brett took us to Voo Doo Doughnuts where we had the best time. Claire had a doughnut with bacon on it. Then we went to see Multinomah Falls which was magnificent.

doughnuts waterfall

Sadly the next day was our last, we played an awesome show in Seattle and then flew home the next morning. America you were great! We’ll be back.

Seattle Seattle 2