Legendary producer Yasutaka Nakata has teamed up with two of the most exciting pop-centered artists out to deliver a bit of mania. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and Charli XCX have teamed up with the sonic mastermind to deliver the intense new single 'Crazy Crazy'. And today, they've delivered a completely bizarre video to coincide with it.

The two singers swap faced in interesting outfits below.

I’ve actually met Charli twice," Kyary said of their collab. "First in Japan in 2014, and then she came to see my show in London. I think she’s a powerful artist, and I was surprised that we were around the same age because she seems so much like an adult. I hope everyone enjoys the weird world we created in this video! It presented a few challenges — it was very hard to perform only using my face, so I tried to vary my expressions as much as I could."