Last night, BBC Three aired a documentary as part of Reggie Yates' Extreme UK series entitled 'Men At War'. The documentary followed men who believe that feminism has gone too far, and that "men's rights" are being left by the wayside. It already sounds literally incredible - as in not able to be believed. Who holds these misshapen, misguided, uneducated views?

Here is a tweet about the documentary:

Understandably, Charli XCX was angered that the "Men At War" documentary was shown at the prime time slot of 9pm on a Sunday. Why? Because her own documentary for BBC Three, "The F Word And Me", was shown on a Tuesday at 10:30pm and she believes, quite rightly, that undue prominence has been given to the documentary that espouses the clownish views of believers in "men's rights".

Whilst it's the BBC and therefore both sides of the coin, no matter how outlandish they may be, must be shown to be reflected in its programming. However, if Charli XCX's documentary aired on a Tuesday at 10:30pm, why didn't Yates' documentary air on a Tuesday at 10:30pm? The answer is that it's most likely not been done to further the so-called "maninist" view (which is a stupid, incorrect word anyway: if anything it should be "masculinist" and even then it's a dumb opinion to hold), and is probably the regular timeslot of Yates' Extreme UK series. To be fair, it's an extreme view and it's being given airtime, so it fits the premise of the documentary series; on the other hand, anything done to get this message out to people that women's rights and feminism is damaging could be seen as hate speech, incitement of hatred, and therefore illegal. Women's rights is important. Women should be equal, but in our patriarchal society, they're not. Everyday sexism, nouveau lad culture, other things you don't think about like the woman of a heterosexual marriage essentially being ejected from her family by changing the name to that of her husband - basically unable to carry on the family line for some reason - and a million other things; all of these things combine to a stark and sorry truth of inequality, with many men, and indeed women, sitting by the sidelines farting out stupid ill-thought comments like "you've got the vote what else do you need?" Actual equality, that's what.

Here are Charli XCX's tweets on the matter.