At the beginning of this month Lawrence Rothman announced that he'd be releasing a new as-yet-untitled album next year. We've already heard 'California Paranoia' and now, in the form of a creepy video directed by Floria Sigismondi, we can hear 'Oz Vs. Eden'.

Charli XCX features in this—I mean, she doesn't. Actually, she does. Or—hmm. What is her stance on this, really? Her tweets below seem to say…

"Producer Justin Raisen, who worked with me on my album True Romance said to this guy Rothman 'I know someone who can do some backing vocals for it', and called me up. I was like, 'Sure, but this is just backing vocals, not sure if I'm down with this ish lol'. A few months down the line and I'm a feature-spot on the album? Wtf? Man it sure is hard staying cool when I'm in such high demand."

She seems to be saying that. She didn't actually say any of this. I mean, with Charli XCX recently collaborating with SOPHIE, it seems doubtful that she featured on this track willingly. No offence intended, just two very, very different sounds, one of which Charli isn't into, and one which she is clearly pursuing as a new 'artistic direction'. It has "I need a favour" written all over it.

She calls the song "beautiful" (see below), but what is her actual opinion when she's trying so hard to relinquish all association she might have to it?

And by tweeting publications that mentioned her voice being an element of the song (not untrue), she's made this all about her – ironically by trying to direct attention away from the song, she has placed the spotlight entirely on her. I can't even remember what I was supposed to be writing about. Some sort of post about a Halloween Special or something I think.

Anyway, there's this video to watch below – and underneath that: a flurry of panicked tweets from Charli XCX.

That's funny because at the start of this song it very much sounds like Charli XCX sings "Don't lie to me…"