We know, we know. You're reading this and thinking to yourself: hang on, the second Charli XCX album has only just happened and yet these chumps at The 405 are already doing a list on her ten best tracks!?

Fine. Scorn away if you so wish but, truth is, the Charli XCX discography boasts such an over-abundance of A+ tracks that we thought we'd give the uninitiated an easy inroad to her catalogue. We could just point new listeners to the debut, True Romance, which had no skipables on it but, being the conscientious people that we are, we thought we'd put some effort into this thing and steer XCX novices towards the cream of the crop.

There was a bit of science involved in compiling the list below. We took into account: brilliance of lyrics, excellence of production, degree of catchiness and overall likelihood we'd still want to listen to the songs in questions a couple of years down the line. These factors were computed using a formula as hush hush as your nan's very secret recipe for that amazing cake she makes whenever you remember to come and visit. In other words, if we told you, we'd have to kill you. That would be unpleasant. So on with the music: