British singer-songwriter Charlotte Church gave a speech last night at the 3rd annual John Peel Lecture during which she criticized the representation of women in music industry, accusing it of over-sexualizing the female role: "The irony behind this is that the women generally filling these roles are very young, often previous child stars or Disney-tweens, who are simply interested in getting along in an industry glamourised to be the most desirable career for young women."

"It is a male dominated industry, with a juvenile perspective on gender and sexuality," Church explains. "If the power was taken away from sex in pop by making it harder for younger viewers to access it, then maybe the focus would shift to making works of artistic beauty and conscience."

However, not everything is bad: according to Church, artists such as Grimes, Haim or Janelle Monae are positive examples of quality work being done within the industry. You can hear the full speech via the BBC iPlayer.

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