Having already put out two full-lengths as well as worked with others in the ripe Toronto music scene, Charlotte Cornfield sounds more composed than ever on new track 'Andrew'; the first to be shared from new album The Shape Of Your Name (due out April 5th).

Speaking on the new track, Cornfield says that 'Andrew' could be “a song to a friend or a romantic partner but at its core it’s note to self, a reminder to step back and look at the bigger picture instead of dwelling on the minutia. We all have friends who we want to shake sometimes because their priorities feel out of whack, but on the flip side of that sometimes we’re that friend who needs shaking. When things get messy and absurd it helps be able to laugh at yourself, to laugh with someone, to shake it off and move forward.”

The conflicting feelings of the above quote are captured beautifully in Cornfield's contemplative and intimate lyrics, smeared perfectly by her gracious guitar. Any equivocating or lack of confidence that she has is then cast aside when it comes to the chorus though, as she ensures that 'Andrew' knows how she feels: "you're in a fog of ambition/ you're gonna wear yourself thin." The genuine compassion she feels is tangible in her Cornfield's ripe vocals, ensuring that 'Andrew' is a true heart-rending beauty.

Check out 'Andrew' with a video by Adrienne McLaren below.

Charlotte Cornfield's new album The Shape Of Your Name is out on April 5th through Next Door Records.