Charly Bliss re-surfaced like a raging volcano last summer with the single 'Heaven', but left us hanging as to details of their second album. This week they've finally given up the goods, revealing that album 2 is called Young Enough and comes out on May 10th. Surprisingly, 'Heaven' is nowhere to be seen on the tracklist - probably a statement of the band's more pop-leaning intentions for the record, as evidenced by brand new track 'Capacity'.

Frontwoman Eva Hendricks admits that "it's easiest for [her] to frame the darkest lyrics in the context of upbeat songs," and on 'Capacity in particular she says "'Capacity' is a song about wanting to kill your inner people-pleaser."

Sonically, 'Capacity' exiles Charly Bliss' usual explosive guitars in favour of more rhythmic and melodic ones, allowing booming drums and wiggling keyboards to hold the centre of the song. Hendricks' helium voice is measured as she self-examines her past proclivities for bending to others' desires. This quickly turns to a humorously monstrous image of her in the laboratory basement where she's "at capacity/ I'm spilling out of me," ready to turn things around and bite back at the world.

The video for 'Capacity' was directed by Michelle Zauner (Japanese Breakfast), and Hendricks says of the clip " Michelle beautifully presented a parallel concept, which warns of the perils of getting swept up in other people's bullshit.”

Charly Bliss have signed to Lucky Number for the release of Young Enough, which is out May 10th and can be pre-ordered here. They'll be in Europe playing some pretty intimate gigs right around that time:

May 3 – Amsterdam, Netherlands – Cinetol
May 4 – Hamburg, Germany – Hafenklang
May 5 – Berlin, Germany – Cassiopeia
May 7 - Paris, France - La Boule Noire
May 9 – Manchester, UK – Night People
May 10 – Leeds, UK – Headrow House
May 13 – London, UK – Oslo