Charly Bliss are approaching the release of new album Young Enough on May 10th with a string of power-pop singles. Most recently this included 'Capacity', and now they continue the emphatic approach on new song 'Chatroom', although the inspiration is much less fun, as Eva Hendricks explains:

"I was sexually assaulted by someone I dated and I wrote 'Chatroom', and most of Young Enough, as a way of processing that experience and explaining it to myself. 'Chatroom' is a song about reaching ecstatic joy through consuming rage. Simply put, it's a colossal 'fuck you' and a celebration of reaching the point of a 'fuck you' that isn't diluted by self-blame or apologies."

As "fuck you"s go, 'Chatroom' is about the happiest one you're likely to hear, as it bounds forth on unbridled beats and synths. Hendricks' voice matches the peppy atmosphere, but the lyrics are seedy, recounting the unfortunate show-down with her assaulter. Nonetheless, the fact that she can come out the other side with this much confidence and, along with the rest of Charly Bliss, create a song as infectious as 'Chatroom' out of something so awful truly is a testament to her inner strength - and makes the "fuck you" even more impactful.

The video for 'Chatroom' was created with Maegan Houang, and definitely delves more into the darkness of the story behind the song.

Charly Bliss' new album Young Enough is out on May 10th through Lucky Number. They'll be in the UK and Europe right around that time:

May 3 – Amsterdam, Netherlands – Cinetol
May 4 – Hamburg, Germany – Hafenklang
May 5 – Berlin, Germany – Cassiopeia
May 7 - Paris, France - La Boule Noire
May 9 – Manchester, UK – Night People
May 10 – Leeds, UK – Headrow House
May 11 - Brighton, UK - The Great Escape
May 13 – London, UK – The Garage (Upgraded)