Life dealt a really poor hand to Chastity Belt’s frontwoman Julia Shapiro this past year. From incessant health complications to the end of a relationship, Shapiro was suspended in confusion and found it difficult to muster up the desire to perform or even make music anymore.

But alas, from the ashes of her struggles arises a courageous exorcism of self-doubt and deep-seated hurt in the form of her debut single titled ‘Natural.’

Not straying too far from Chastity Belt’s post-punk-y, indie rock sound, the lead track from her forthcoming record is sweetly constructed with embracingly warm guitars tones, but peppered with brutal self-reflection and honest questions about a life unintended.

Opening with the lines “How can someone be so blindly confident/I wanna know that trick,” Shapiro’s intimately layered vocals reverberate with a heartbreaking desire for self-improvement and honesty from others, and eventually drives home the age-old question we’ve all been asking, “what would it take to truly love yourself?”

Though the release of Shapiro’s debut is two months away, June 14, you can check out ‘Natural’ above and pre-order Perfect Version here.