'Dark Matter' is the latest track from NYC-based producer Sweater Beats aka Antonio Cuna. It has a hint of slo-down footwork to it, as well as an organic blend of nocturnal trap, all ornamented with the deftly lilting voice of Canadian singer and songmaker, a l l i e, whose layered tones effuse effortless soul. Check it.

Shuffling shades of percussion shift to the solemn yet lounge-like piano chords, wide far-off explosions of synth in soft focus wash over you like nouveau-orchestra hits, the occasional arrhythmic tom hits measuring out dynamics as harp-ish sounds plink with a sense of spooky delicacy, like a wispy phantom. Like a twisted electronic orchestra version of R&B.

This is taken from Sweater Beats' upcoming Cloud City EP, out 28th February on HW&W Recordings. Pre-order at sweaterbeats.com.

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