Even to the slightly unfamiliar, if there's one song from celebrated Limerick producer Aphex Twin that has managed to ebb its way into slightly mainstream, it's 2001's 'Avril 14th'. The song has been used commercially, like in the trailer for Spike Jonze award-winning 2013 film Her, and been the focus of controversy. Last year, the producer accused Kanye West of illegally sampling the song on the rapper's 2010 track 'Blame Game' (which never seemed to be resolved). Now, among the frequently occurring uploads on the producer's SoundCloud, emerged a brand new version of the hauntingly beautiful track, which he has dubbed 'avril altdelay'.

The piano - the centerpiece of the original - is slowed down to a numbing crawl, turning into an entirely different rhythmic interpretation, with sections of the songs moved around to simulate a new process. It may not stick quite like the original, but it sure has resonating, harmonic power.

Listen and download the brand new 'avril altdelay' below.