Earlier in summer, London musicmaker Blue Daisy announced a new album called Darker Than Blue. We've already heard the title track, as well as another cut from the album, the unnerving 'Gravediggers'.

Now we'd like to introduce you to 'Let's Fly Tonight', a cavalcade of clattering beats, decayed synthetic bloops and soaring flares of sound rising up, all of it a skewed mismatch of an expansive, all-encompassing atmosphere and something far more tortured and claustrophobic – the latter, perhaps, symbolically reflected in the video, an intimate view of what appears to be an intense breakdown in a gimp mask. Watch it below.

There'll be a release party for Darker Than Blue at Birthdays, Dalston on 23rd September, ahead of its release via R&S on the 25th. You can pre-order it here.