For years, London producer/DJ Chris Loco sat behind others, helping co-write and co-produce a bevy of collective works. But now, with the help of a few notable voices, Loco is prepped to debut his first formal EP See No Evil later this year.

The EP's debut single is the preposterously mammoth 'Ego' featuring 17-year-old singer Raye, whom previously worked with Loco on last year's 'Bet U Wish', which earned more than a million plays over at SoundCloud. Raye (who also co-wrote Blonde's even bigger single 'All Cried Out') explodes in front of Loco's heady production, molding anthemic pop power behind the amalgamation of forces that scream mega-hit - an all-too impressive feat for someone who hasn't cracked 18-years old yet.

Listen to 'Ego' below and look out for Loco's See No Evil EP, coming soon.