One of the great advancements of technology within music and publishing over the past few years fall on the shoulders of the word 'sharing'. Sharing playlists, tracks, videos, cat pictures, stories and many more - all done at the push of a button. The downside of this new way of thinking is that information can often get lost within the vast sea of text, but thankfully Jack Daniels and the Jack Daniel's Music Reporter is here to help.

Essentially they've put together a dynamic online music magazine application via Facebook, which encourages users to publish their accounts of live music events as they happen. After registering with their app, all you have to do is add #JDMUSIC to one of your music related posts (text, photos and videos) and it will then be pulled into and displayed within the application. If you want to get more advanced you can add your own hashtag in addition to the '#JDMUSIC' one, and people can then filter the information to suit them.

The idea is users can share content with their networks, with the hope that stories will end up reaching a wider audience.

To give it a go, head over to here. We'll see you there!

Your friends at Jack Daniels remind you to drink responsibly.